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Senior High Curriculum

Supported by academic rigor and spiritual experiences, our theology curriculum encourages students to learn the Gospel message and strengthen their personal and communal faith lives. We are committed to teaching and celebrating the Catholic faith while simultaneously appreciating differing faith perspectives.

As a national service learning leader school we have embedded service learning into our curriculum. We challenge students to become agents of positive social change in alignment with Catholic social teaching. Upon graduation, all students will have a four-year electronic portfolio of their service and justice work.

Students are required to enroll in one theology course each semester.

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Junior High Curriculum

Religious Studies 7

This course introduces all major aspects of Christ’s life including the prophets' foretelling of Jesus’s birth, the infancy narratives, the beginning of His ministry, His parables and lessons as well as Christ’s death and resurrection. The course also includes a survey of Scripture, which focuses on the development and creation of the Bible and the historical background of the gospel writers. Much of the course includes the study of the gospels and the context in which they were written.

Year-long course, meets every other day, required of 7th graders.

Religious Studies 8

This course provides students with themes of Christian leadership and componenets of Catholic Social Teaching to help them explore their spirituality and a sense of self-identity. A survey of historical figures deepens students' understanding of the Catholic faith tradition and challenges them to relate Christian values to their lives. Through researching the lives of Christian role models and significant events in the Church's history, students gain an appreciation for a contributing community. Students also explore themes such as community-building, forgiveness, decision-making, morality, sexuality, and justice, as they develop skills in Christian leadership.

Year-long course, meets every other day, required of 8th graders.

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Sr. High Theology Curriculum

Jr. High Theology Curriculum


Theology Teachers:

Patty Bather
Junior High Theology Teacher
Michael Becker
Theology Teacher, Link Crew Coordinator, 9A Volleyball Coach, Assistant Track and Field Coach
952-927-4176, ext. 2212
Matt Brounstein
Theology Teacher
952-927-4176 ext. 2747
Jeremy Cramer
Senior High Religion Teacher
John Delozier
Theology Teacher
Kaitlyn Gathje
Theology Teacher
Susan Hinnendael
Jr. High Theology and Genocide & Social Justice Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2313
Mike Jeremiah
Campus Minister, Theology Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2453
Charles Keyes
Theology Teacher, Campus Minister
952-927-4176 ext. 2204
Michelle LeBlanc
Theology Teacher
952-927-4176 ext. 2297
Lisa Lenhart-Murphy
Director of Service-Learning & Social Justice
952-927-4176, ext. 2476
Joel Loecken
Theology Teacher
952-927-4176, ext. 2240
Becca Meagher
Theology Teacher, Speech Coach
952-927-4176, ext. 2289
S. Jeanne Marie Vanderlinde, OSB
Social Studies Teacher, Jr. High Religion Teacher, Mock Trial Adviser
952-927-4176, ext. 2287
2501 Highway 100 South, St. Louis Park, MN 55416     952-927-4176