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Academic Resources

Academic Support Resources for BSM Students

We have various resources at BSM to help students who need extra support in order to be successful with their academics. These resources are below:

Teacher Assistance 

Students can get assistance from their teachers. Most teachers are available every day before and after school in their classrooms to help students on a 1-to-1 basis. Students can ask their teachers when they are available by either talking to the teacher at class time or by e-mailing their teacher.  We encourage students to be self-advocates and to initiate the contact with their teacher. Some parents may feel the need to initiate contact with a teacher to inquire about their availability for 1-to-1 help for their son or daughter. Parents may also e-mail teachers to clarify issues of their student’s performance in class or class/assignment expectations. We urge parents to utilize both Power School and Haiku before contacting the teacher because many questions will be answered through those two online resources.

Wellness Hour

Every student at BSM is assigned a BSM/Wellness hour. During this period, students can get help from an English teacher or a math teacher in the Writing and Math Centers, which are located in the library. Additionally, teachers in other departments are frequently available to help students during the BSM/Wellness periods.

Quiet Study Classrooms

Another option available to our students is our Quiet Study classrooms.  Students who are assigned to a Quiet Study classroom must attend and work on school work during the period assigned. If you would like your student to be assigned to a Quiet Study classroom during his/her BSM/Wellness period or a free period, please contact your counselor.

Student-to-Student Tutoring

BSM provides student-to-student tutoring through the National Honor Society.  These juniors and seniors know the academic subjects well and are eager to help students. To request an NHS tutor click here.

Professional Tutor 

Some students may need the assistance of a professional tutor. The guidance page of the BSM website has a page with the names and contact information of numerous professional tutors in the area. If your son/daughter has not been diagnosed with a special learning need, yet you are seeing persistent problems with learning, please contact your counselor to discuss your concerns and to learn about evaluation options. Click here for a list of professional tutors.

Student's Counselor

Please feel free to contact your student’s counselor at any time to make an appointment.

BSM Counselors



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